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Well it’s been quite awhile since my last proper update. So here’s the lowdown on what’s happening with me:

  • Power : is back up. The PrintShop is running regularly again and I have gone back to using my famously buggy desktop. This means you should all start seeing me at your blogs again, since I have my RSS reader over there.
  • School : started. I am a good ways into my math and resonably into Chemistry and English. Physics and Social Studies I have barely started yet, because my books aren’t here. They are supposed to be coming mid-September. Please pray for their arrival.
  • Palmview : running, me teaching. They have five students this year: my sister, Janelle Hoyt, Rebecca Symons (3 in grade 8), Pascal Cross (1 in grade 6), and Joseph Symons (forgive me for not remembering his grade). I am teaching a computer class (Introduction to Microsoft Office) every Friday. Please pray that I teach effectively and the kids learn
  • Projects : Amateur Writerz, Open Portal, and mNEWS. As always I continue on as managing editor / webdesigner for Amateur Writerz. I have also recently started an opensource web portal project. Detail can be found on the project wiki or at my tech blog. On top of this I am running a service that I have dubbed mNEWS in which I use some of my programming skills and the fact that I have webhosting space to help missionaries send out their newsletters, especially needed as one of the missions here in Chad that used to offer a similar service to their missionaries has cancelled it.


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