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AWriterz Relaunched!

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I have re-written and re-launched AWriterz – my service for hosting creative works.  Basically, I took my Web 1.0 service and brought it to the new web.  Logins are now powered by OpenID and it tries to get some data automatically through SREG, SGAPI, and hCard.  There is a karma-like system to prevent spam (and eventually reward active users), and users can tag and rate every work (and upload there own).  I’m trying to emphasize CreativeCommons on the site, but I’m not enforcing it.

I’m really hoping to build more DiSo-like functionality in as the site progresses and I get more user feedback 🙂

Personal Update

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Well it’s been quite awhile since my last proper update. So here’s the lowdown on what’s happening with me:

  • Power : is back up. The PrintShop is running regularly again and I have gone back to using my famously buggy desktop. This means you should all start seeing me at your blogs again, since I have my RSS reader over there.
  • School : started. I am a good ways into my math and resonably into Chemistry and English. Physics and Social Studies I have barely started yet, because my books aren’t here. They are supposed to be coming mid-September. Please pray for their arrival.
  • Palmview : running, me teaching. They have five students this year: my sister, Janelle Hoyt, Rebecca Symons (3 in grade 8), Pascal Cross (1 in grade 6), and Joseph Symons (forgive me for not remembering his grade). I am teaching a computer class (Introduction to Microsoft Office) every Friday. Please pray that I teach effectively and the kids learn
  • Projects : Amateur Writerz, Open Portal, and mNEWS. As always I continue on as managing editor / webdesigner for Amateur Writerz. I have also recently started an opensource web portal project. Detail can be found on the project wiki or at my tech blog. On top of this I am running a service that I have dubbed mNEWS in which I use some of my programming skills and the fact that I have webhosting space to help missionaries send out their newsletters, especially needed as one of the missions here in Chad that used to offer a similar service to their missionaries has cancelled it.