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Google Mint?

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Google has launched a new service, dubbed ‘Google Analytics‘. It seems to be sort of like Mint, an elaborate Javascript-powered hitcounter and traffic measuring service. Unlike Mint, it is not hosted off of your webspace, but is rather managed on the Google servers. Also unlike Mint, it is free. Having never used Mint, I am not really qualified to do a comparison otherwise, but I may try out Google Analytics eventually.


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Johan Sundström

On closer inspection of the Browservulsel code, it can’t be; yours is somewhat more advanced (though minus the CAPTCHA bits). Your own tweaking and playing around? *peers at with some curiosity*

(The radiobutton “Other” seems to toggle visibility state of the subformelements only on activation, not when it is deactivated, by the way — might want to change that.)


Well I see you found the post on my old blog about my comments form 🙂 I really need to work more at moving all my old posts over to here…

Per the radiobutton, I assume you’re referring to the odd behaviour it exhibits in that you must click it in order to show the sub-elements? I really should change that to always have them visible when the button is active and never otherwise… it’s currently like that due to my lack of knowledge of Javascript back when I started.

Johan Sundström

I had the same problem migrating from Advogato a while ago, but that was made much less painful using a quick Advogato XMLRPC API hack I tossed up. Looking back on that, I’m surprised I didn’t also automate the last bit of the procedure, posting them to Blogger using their APIs, but maybe they were not available then, or I wanted to do some manual tweaking of the contents, formatting or whatnot.

Johan Sundström

I tried to swing one of my own inlined comment forms by the way, based on yours and Jaspers’ version, but I think it somehow might have ended up about as bad as your old attempt, regarding the radiobuttons. At least it behaved spookily before I went to bed.

I probably won’t look into it any more, though, since by now I am fairly sure I’m not going to use it. The Blogger version integrates it better, coming up with your name and other things that we can’t do without a bit of Blogger backend template support to aid us.

I like the way your version doesn’t go any further than inlining the form, by the way; it makes my comment blogging tool still work for me when I comment here, which Jasper’s version doesn’t. 🙂


I checked out the code on your version and definitely see how I could at least fix the radio button problem on my form. It’s also interesting that the CAPTCHA comes through on yours, I may eventually check that out to see how it works if SPAM becomes a problem on my blog 🙂

I tried to keep my hack as similar to the original Blogger functionality as possible with my hack, mostly for simplicity. The code is, in fact, mostly just cut-and-paste from the Blogger comments form itself. I only really created it because it annoyed me to no end (and still does) having to go to a separate page to comment on Blogger blogs and I didn’t want my readers having the same frustrations.

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