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Posted on pushed a bunch of new features the other day (see announcement). One of the best things they’ve done is released a help section. While is not complicated and anyone who knows what they’re doing can figure it out by messing with it (especially if subscribed to their mailing list), however for new users this is not all that appealing, and a help section is a time-saver, even for more advanced users.

Another new feature in this set is what they’re calling ‘editable breadcrumbs’. Basically it’s what the advanced users have been doing since the beginning, navigating to an exact tag combination without having to click all the proper navigation links in the sidebar. Whereas people have been using the easy-to-remember URL system on to do this by entering manual URLs in the location bar of their browser, this system adds a textbox to the header area on your account so you can enter such custom tag combinations there directly, without having to remember the URL form, which could be useful to new users.

Following up to their Javascript Link Rolls feature (which allows you to easily include your recent bookmarks in your website), they have released ‘Tag Rolls’. The nice, dynamic interface lets you create, basically, a tag cloud of your bookmarks and provides a Javascript code to use for including it in your website.


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Have written a Freshblog how-to for the tagroll feature. I have found it to be v. customiseable (cloud v. list, # of tags to include, max & min font size, max & min font colors, header text, tag count) & I think they’ve done a great job w/ making this feature suit any number of blogs / uses. V. cool.

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