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I have moved my technical blog from it’s old home on to this new blogger site for multiple reasons. One is that I was growing sick of the uncustomisability of the templates. Another is that recently has been undergoing maintenance and upgrading for the third time since I started with them, and while blogger may not be perfect, it is definately less buggy right now. Here are the URLs for all things as per this new site :

Site URL –
Post Feed –
Comments Feed –
All Tags –

I will slowly be moving all posts from the old site over to this one and backdating them so that the archives work properly, and will be updating the account simultaneously. Some of the posts have already moved, but I am working from oldest to newest so it may be awhile before they’re all there. Yes, I am moving the comments too, which may cause the comments feed to act funny for awhile.

Feedback on this new site design is welcome as I work out the bugs in the move.


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Ok, so how are you putting your old comments on here? I don’t see how that works…oh, if you just make them yourself and fill in the info I guess…

I really find your two blogs hard to tell apart, I think you should change the black to a different colour.

Still deciding when I should switch to blogger 😛 Just worried about losing readers.


Yes, I am just copying the content and information for the comments across as I go. I purposely changed the back from the gray to the navy it now is for you, still not different enough?

As to losing readers… I know what you mean. That happened to my brother when he moved his too. Makes little sense to me… because with my redirect-hack they shouldn’t even have to be notified that he moved, it’ll just take them to the new site…

*is very embarrassed* you mean I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time? I thought I had checked that… oops… *goes to change it*


Haha, you had it spelled correctly on your one, it was just when you switched 😛

As for the loss of xanga readers, it’s because xanga has a “read your subscriptions” page, which shows all the new posts on the people you’re subscribed to…kinda like rss. So his posts won’t show up there. You should get him to post a short xanga entry everytime he posts on his blog with a link to it maybe…something like that.

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