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Dreamhost (Save $10)

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I have created a Dreamhost promo code!  Just enter promo code SINGPOLYMA when registering for Dreamhost and save $10 on your purchase!  Not only that, but you’ll be supporting my work with $80 towards my hosting that Dreamhost gives me for referring you!  Pretty neat, eh?

Evil Blogger

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Yes, my financial situation has turned me into an evil blogger, with Adsense in my header.  Hopefully it doesn’t bother you too much 🙂

I would also like to plug the wonderful new app bVibes — Digg for small blogs.

I have also added a plugin to allow one-click comments (which are more like ratings) that let you say, anonymously, how much and in what way you like the post.

Site Up, Videntity Down

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Hello loyal and less loyal readers!

Recently, my blog (and entire site, really) has been… down. Or at least dead slow. It was a problem with my cache plugin (wp-cache) which I have since resolved with the help of a friend.

You might be annoyed by my main page looking like it’s messed up. It draws its data from, which is currently down. It probably should cache the data in the future to prevent this happening again.

If you want to see updates from me and this main site is down, check me out on Facebook or Xanga.

The Plugoo

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Some of you have been advantaged by the Plugoo widget in my sidebar that lets you chat with me.  If I am offline it emails me.  There is one problem with this — many of you do not leave your email address.  If I cannot contact you, how can I answer the question?  To answer some of the recent unsigned queries:

My translate widget is by a friend, Trevor Creech.  See my credits.

Someone is having trouble with peek-a-boo widgets.  Most of those have recently been updated — try the new versions and if it still doesn’t work contact me and tell me which one you’re using and how to contact you 🙂

Error: Blogger Disassemble

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Just FYI to my readers – I cannot access the Blogger posting interface. This has been a problem on and off for the last six months and seems to be a problem with my ISP. I’ve used a proxy to get around it in the past, but Blogger’s new security features make that not work.

I can edit my template, but I can’t edit my posts. I’m posting this from Flock. Flock does not support Blogger labels, and thus all I am getting are Technorati links in my post footer. Old posts that should be updated with new information cannot be. I will try to do some of that from school, but I cannot from home.

I apologise for the inconvenience.