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Moved to New Blogger

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Hello! I’m on the new Blogger! Finally! Can you see the difference? It isn’t major to the eye, but man does this backend feel nice to finally work with for real!

New Template

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I have change my blog over to a new template! This template is much more efficient with screen space, easier to read, and XOXO Blog Format compatible. For now this means that I do not have to have a separate code snippet to generate my comments feed, but some other services are in the works, including a script to generate better feeds (ie, ones that include the wfw:commentRss tag).

This post is also the first one I am trying from Performancing for Firefox. It seems really nice, and is definately more conveniant. The only things I wish it would do are (1) link to my account, instead of to technorati (2) support multiple accounts for adding posts from different blogs to different accounts (3) support stuffing the first 255 characters of a post into the account.

The NEW Singpolyma – Technical Blog

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I have moved my technical blog from it’s old home on to this new blogger site for multiple reasons. One is that I was growing sick of the uncustomisability of the templates. Another is that recently has been undergoing maintenance and upgrading for the third time since I started with them, and while blogger may not be perfect, it is definately less buggy right now. Here are the URLs for all things as per this new site :

Site URL –
Post Feed –
Comments Feed –
All Tags –

I will slowly be moving all posts from the old site over to this one and backdating them so that the archives work properly, and will be updating the account simultaneously. Some of the posts have already moved, but I am working from oldest to newest so it may be awhile before they’re all there. Yes, I am moving the comments too, which may cause the comments feed to act funny for awhile.

Feedback on this new site design is welcome as I work out the bugs in the move.


Moved From

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This is my first post after having moved from I will keep the old site active for archiving purposes. This site has a completely different look and feel, as well as having no categories, but I did not think the categories a great loss to my personal blog. My technical blog will likely remain on for the forseeable future, as categories are more important there. I would really like comments on what you think of this whole site design/layout .

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