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Blogger Hacks Wrink

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A way to organise our microsphere, if only a little. A compendium of blogger hacks blogs. A social blogroll, which can also double as a blogring. A wrink. I’ve created it and put it in my sidebar, you can see it under the heading ‘Blogger Hacks’. I’ve opted to include it in ‘ring’ mode, which means you get next, previous, and random links that let you navigate the list. Click the title to see the full list, or add your own blog.

If you go to the wrink page you can use the ‘Add Site to Wrink’ link to suggest your site for inclusion on the list. It will be help pending my approval, but I should be monitoring regularly for new entries. Then use either the ‘Get Ring Code’ link and select JavaScript (to add it as you see on my page) or the ‘Get Roll Code’ link (again select JavaScript, this will display the full list as a blogroll) and paste the code into your page.

Weekly traffic stats across the whole list will be monitored, and the whole thing is available in JSON(P) format for custom implementations. Drive traffic to your site while also giving your visitors the ability to find other blogs about blogger hacks!

Feature suggestions and bug reports are, as always, greatly appreciated and anticipated.

Survey: The Perfect Blogging Service

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You know what you want from your blogging service. If you use Blogger, you may have written a ‘Beef up Blogger‘-style post, even. Or a Beef up WordPress post without depending on services like WebCitz. Or maybe even a Beef up Xanga post (yes, there are some real bloggers on Xanga). I at one point even had a rating breakdown to see how well blogging services matched up to my ideal! While my opinions have changed over time, one thing still remains – no service is perfect. No matter what you use there are things you wish your service could do. That’s why we have blog hacks!

This post is a survey. What is the perfect blogging service? We’re all going to answer differently, but hopefully some patterns will emerge. What features are important? Forget for a moment what is supported by your particular platform and just tell us what you want. Not what you wish you had, but what you want even if you have it. Trackback can be important to you even if you use WordPress. Maybe that’s why you’re using WordPress.

The purpose of this survey is not to determine one particular existing service that is the ‘perfect blogging service’, but rather to identify the feature set that is important to bloggers.

You can respond to this survey by leaving a comment on this post (probably preferred) or by writing a post on your blog and linking back here. I don’t trust blog search or backlinks, so I’d really appreciate trackback pings if you decide on the latter, or a comment with a link to your post.

XOXO Blog Format Updated

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The XOXO Blog Format has been updated to be compatible with hAtom 0.1. The Basic Blogger Template and the template for this blog have also been updated. Please note that the new template is not quite valid hAtom, since the ‘updated’ field is just your Blogger post timestamp format and not proper datetime-design-pattern. This will be fixed as soon as a way to output properly-formatted dates from a Blogger blog is found or the hAtom spec is changed. All applicable XOXO Data Tools either have been updated or will be updated shortly.

Convert XOXO Blog Format / hAtom to RSS2.0

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hAtom2RSS is a script that takes the URL to an XOXO Blog Format or hAtom blog and generates an RSS 2.0 feed for posts. The script supports all XOXO Blog Format extensions to hAtom. It also generates comments, wfw:commentFeed, and slash:comments tags when the appropriate data is available in the page.

New Template

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I have change my blog over to a new template! This template is much more efficient with screen space, easier to read, and XOXO Blog Format compatible. For now this means that I do not have to have a separate code snippet to generate my comments feed, but some other services are in the works, including a script to generate better feeds (ie, ones that include the wfw:commentRss tag).

This post is also the first one I am trying from Performancing for Firefox. It seems really nice, and is definately more conveniant. The only things I wish it would do are (1) link to my account, instead of to technorati (2) support multiple accounts for adding posts from different blogs to different accounts (3) support stuffing the first 255 characters of a post into the account.