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Ning Problems

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I have re-enabled JScripts, at least for now… the URLs in the comments here for alternates also work. We’ll see what happens. I may delete the script for my old comment form hack since it is a big bandwidth user…

This is unfortunate because it affects a great many of my (and other’s!) Blogger hacks. Four of my Ning sites have been taken offline for bandwidth usage. Some of you have written me about this. Here is the message I got from Ning just today:

Hi Singpolyma,

We wanted to get in touch because several of your sites that are being
used to host scripts or to transfer blogger profiles have exceeded
projected traffic quotas for both inbound and outbound connections.

These sites are:


Please subscribe to the extra bandwidth premium service for these
applications to maintain their current level of service.

I’m surprised that so many are using googlerelated (Edit: the problem was storage space and that app is now online again), but the others are no shock. The service needed to up each is $9.95 US per month. I will thus be slowly moving some of these scripts (the much-used ones from singpolymaplay and the entire JScripts app) to here at Hopefully bandwidth will not be a problem here. The Blogger Recent Comments app is outdated, but if there are any who want it back I’m gonna need cash to re-enable it.

If any of your hacks or sites are broken, I apologise, I will try to resolve this ASAP. Donations (see sidebar) would definately speed this process, but I’m not gonna beg for money 😉 I’ll get it done in time.

JScripts Gets Some Love

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JScripts, my Ning app for storing JavaScript includes, has got some upgrades! At Johan‘s prodding I have added the following:

  • Include multiple JavaScripts with just one request to save time! It even has a form!
  • Tack ?minify on to a script to have JScripts compress it before transfer (more time saving!)
  • Tack ?callback=whoever on to have whoever() called after the script has loaded

New Stuff on Ning

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This post is to announce two previously unannounced projects of mine over on Ning. I’ve been working on both for some time, and both could do with some more work certainly. Both are ready to be test-driven though (at least in the fundamentals).

The smaller project is Some Blogs. Some Blogs is a reporting engine for personal blogs, sexblogs, and other less-than-public-material blogs. Inspired by splogspot, this index is NOT for splogs (that’s what splogspot is for). It is for material that most people don’t want to see (when I search for XOXO I want microformats articles, not ‘I luv u Jodi!’ :P).

The other, larger, project which benefits from the first is Littl’uns. The original concept was to be like TechMeme for smaller blogs, however the concept has evolved over time and the meme-engine is currently only an experimental ‘related posts’ link.

Nestled in the code for Littl’uns is BSrch, a meta blogsearch engine.

Anyway, enjoy! Report bugs! Give feedback! 😀

FreshRolls (Wrinks)

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I have added a new feature to my Wrinks app. In the spirit of FreshTags we have FreshRolls.

If you go to a wrink page (for example, the Blogger Hacks Wrink), you will note a third code option. FreshRolls are currently only available in JavaScript (no PHP yet). You can select what blog to exclude (or none), just as on the normal roll output, and whether this code is to be used in conjuction with ring code or not (more on that in a bit). The code is then a simple JavaScript include, as with standard rolls, that you place where you want the FreshRoll to appear.

FreshRolls attempt to detect tags and ‘passed tags’, just like FreshTags. If it finds some, it will display only those blogs which match the tag(s) found, otherwise it will normally display the entire roll. If, however, you told it you would be using it with a ring, it will not display a roll title and if no tags are detected will output none of the roll.

What is this ‘combo-mode’ useful for? Well, if you paste standard ring code followed directly by FreshRoll code set to ‘combo-mode’, if tags are detected the matching blogs will be displayed following the ring, otherwise you just see the ring. I have set it up this way in my sidebar. You can test it by appending ?tags=blogger to this page’s URL and reloading.

Blogger BETA compatible : Just create a new HTML/JavaScript widget on your BETA blog and cut-n-paste in the code(s) from Wrinks.

Blogger Hacks Wrink

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A way to organise our microsphere, if only a little. A compendium of blogger hacks blogs. A social blogroll, which can also double as a blogring. A wrink. I’ve created it and put it in my sidebar, you can see it under the heading ‘Blogger Hacks’. I’ve opted to include it in ‘ring’ mode, which means you get next, previous, and random links that let you navigate the list. Click the title to see the full list, or add your own blog.

If you go to the wrink page you can use the ‘Add Site to Wrink’ link to suggest your site for inclusion on the list. It will be help pending my approval, but I should be monitoring regularly for new entries. Then use either the ‘Get Ring Code’ link and select JavaScript (to add it as you see on my page) or the ‘Get Roll Code’ link (again select JavaScript, this will display the full list as a blogroll) and paste the code into your page.

Weekly traffic stats across the whole list will be monitored, and the whole thing is available in JSON(P) format for custom implementations. Drive traffic to your site while also giving your visitors the ability to find other blogs about blogger hacks!

Feature suggestions and bug reports are, as always, greatly appreciated and anticipated.