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I have re-enabled JScripts, at least for now… the URLs in the comments here for alternates also work. We’ll see what happens. I may delete the script for my old comment form hack since it is a big bandwidth user…

This is unfortunate because it affects a great many of my (and other’s!) Blogger hacks. Four of my Ning sites have been taken offline for bandwidth usage. Some of you have written me about this. Here is the message I got from Ning just today:

Hi Singpolyma,

We wanted to get in touch because several of your sites that are being
used to host scripts or to transfer blogger profiles have exceeded
projected traffic quotas for both inbound and outbound connections.

These sites are:


Please subscribe to the extra bandwidth premium service for these
applications to maintain their current level of service.

I’m surprised that so many are using googlerelated (Edit: the problem was storage space and that app is now online again), but the others are no shock. The service needed to up each is $9.95 US per month. I will thus be slowly moving some of these scripts (the much-used ones from singpolymaplay and the entire JScripts app) to here at Hopefully bandwidth will not be a problem here. The Blogger Recent Comments app is outdated, but if there are any who want it back I’m gonna need cash to re-enable it.

If any of your hacks or sites are broken, I apologise, I will try to resolve this ASAP. Donations (see sidebar) would definately speed this process, but I’m not gonna beg for money 😉 I’ll get it done in time.

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Always the saviour! 🙂 Thanks Steve!
I really wish I could donate though!

The Last Word (Beta)

Jscripts down. Repeat ‘JScripts down!’…

If you’ve been coming around the page in the past few days (and I know you have, yay! for stats), you’d have noticed rather strange behaviour on the page’s part. Dates don’t sh……


ok,… anyone saved the javascripts that you hacks called from Ning site?


How long does it take to ftp a few javascripts to your server? Especially those for your blogger hacks that others were linked to? This way at least we could download the javascript files or link to them for a temporary fix…

Stephen Paul Weber

First off, all the data is still there. I can get it for you if you want. Secondly, I’m trying to verify how much bandwidth this is going to take to move everything to my site — don’t want my whole domain melting down over this!

This is complicated by the fact that all my major papers are due this week and next week…

If Ning doesn’t get back to me soon I may temporarily re-activate jscripts and see what happens.

For temp fixes on my more popular hacks, use these URLs:

LightBox Anything:
Asynchronous Peek-a-boo comments:

Gadis Indonesia

Dear Steven,

Just got a message from you about this one. And what hacks i use in my site ? Pls tell me.


Katie W.

First of all–Thank you so much for all of the work you’ve done to help us poor, beleaguered souls who are stuck with stupid Blogger.

I’ve got a question/problem for you, though. I noticed on your page for the revised comment form (the one compatible with blogger beta) and read your response to a question from a guy who is still using a classic template, free of blogger widgets.

You directed him to your old blogger comment post hack, and so I headed that way, as well. I never converted my blog to beta, and am still using a classic template with the old blogger tags.

Except I cannot seem to get your code to work. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit and see what I’m doing wrong?

URL: I would send you a copy of my template but I can’t find your email address anywhere.

Thanks for any help you can give me (I realize you’re probably super busy),


Katie W.

Just letting you know that I’ve completely given up on trying to embed the post a comment form in my blogger journals. Nothing seems to work (and we all know that crazy blogger doesn’t WANT anything to work), so I’ll just have to learn to deal with the annoying comment pop-up.

But if you happen to know how to make the annoying pop-up display ONLY the comment form, I would greatly appreciate learning how to do it. I’ve already got posted comments embedded into the entry page, but then the reader has to go through all of the comments all over again to get to the comment form in the pop-up.

Stupid blogger.


Stephen Paul Weber

@Katie W. — Ah, just got your other comment. I am aware that the old hack does not work if you run the new Blogger (which perhaps everyone must now…) with the calssic template system. No way around that. And I’m afraid it’s really not worth my time to convert the new hack backwards to classic template style for those who have not yet switched… sorry, there’s just not enough reason to keep doing stuff for those who haven’t upgraded yet 🙂 More have upgraded than have not.

Johan Sundström

Ah, hitting a bandwidth roof at Ning was unfortunate.

Perhaps jscripts ought to repurpose into become a static tool to for minifying code and keeping reference copies of the nonminified version? As in not something you can point script tags at, but well something that is useful for generating smallish scripts you can store elsewhere ( is a solution just tested by Dean Edwards; just as free, but more work for users). The scripts could start in something like:

/* Non-minified original at */

or so. All you’d have to do technically, besides adding that code, is change the php code to verify no referer header or a referer header from jscripts, and otherwise feed a script such as

if(confirm(‘JScripts has unfortunately hit bandwidth roof and can not provide script hosting any more. Do you want to know more?’))
location.href = ‘’;

Stephen Paul Weber

@Johan – not a bad idea — something I’ll keep in mind for if this becomes a problem again. I’m hoping I can stay under the roof for now… I’ve killed one of my bigger hacks and am in contact with larger-bandwidth users 🙂


Hello Stephen:

“For temp fixes on my more popular hacks, use these URLs:

LightBox Anything:
Asynchronous Peek-a-boo comments:

… and for this one:

for “Comment Photos and Highlighting” … is not working also, like you can see in my testes blog:

Heeelllp…. please!!! 🙂



Luv ning. Are social network chat boxes not popping up for anyone else? My chat area will not pop out. Is this a ning wide issue or is my site the only one.
my site is my name is Joshua Jude Chesser.

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