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A way to organise our microsphere, if only a little. A compendium of blogger hacks blogs. A social blogroll, which can also double as a blogring. A wrink. I’ve created it and put it in my sidebar, you can see it under the heading ‘Blogger Hacks’. I’ve opted to include it in ‘ring’ mode, which means you get next, previous, and random links that let you navigate the list. Click the title to see the full list, or add your own blog.

If you go to the wrink page you can use the ‘Add Site to Wrink’ link to suggest your site for inclusion on the list. It will be help pending my approval, but I should be monitoring regularly for new entries. Then use either the ‘Get Ring Code’ link and select JavaScript (to add it as you see on my page) or the ‘Get Roll Code’ link (again select JavaScript, this will display the full list as a blogroll) and paste the code into your page.

Weekly traffic stats across the whole list will be monitored, and the whole thing is available in JSON(P) format for custom implementations. Drive traffic to your site while also giving your visitors the ability to find other blogs about blogger hacks!

Feature suggestions and bug reports are, as always, greatly appreciated and anticipated.

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Hi Stephen,

First off, congrats on becoming popular at Ning!

I have added my hacks blog for inclusion in this wrink. I have about 3-4 hacks till now in this blog. Once you approve, I will add the wrink to my blog.



oh btw, my hacks have all been introduced at Freshblog. Don’t know whether you noticed the recent one about “related posts from blogosphere”.

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