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This post is to announce two previously unannounced projects of mine over on Ning. I’ve been working on both for some time, and both could do with some more work certainly. Both are ready to be test-driven though (at least in the fundamentals).

The smaller project is Some Blogs. Some Blogs is a reporting engine for personal blogs, sexblogs, and other less-than-public-material blogs. Inspired by splogspot, this index is NOT for splogs (that’s what splogspot is for). It is for material that most people don’t want to see (when I search for XOXO I want microformats articles, not ‘I luv u Jodi!’ :P).

The other, larger, project which benefits from the first is Littl’uns. The original concept was to be like TechMeme for smaller blogs, however the concept has evolved over time and the meme-engine is currently only an experimental ‘related posts’ link.

Nestled in the code for Littl’uns is BSrch, a meta blogsearch engine.

Anyway, enjoy! Report bugs! Give feedback! 😀

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Hi, you may want to try Megite too and add Megite features.


How is megite different from techmeme? I realise the meme features are not there yet in littluns, but megite and techmeme seem to have about the same feature set to take inspiration from…

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