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Microformats Proxy

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Tired of working with pages that do not have Microformats support yet? The Microformats Proxy is the tool for the job. Individual or globbed URLs can be set up via XPath to extract data and format it as microformats. In this first version only hCards are supported.

All existing hCards and XOXO data are also maintained.

hAtom Backup Tool

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This backup tool will crawl your blog for hAtom or XOXO Blog Format content and put it all together in one file that you can save to your hard drive for backup purposes.

If you do not use the New Blogger you will have to have an archive list in your sidebar that has the class archive-list on it. With the New Blogger if you have an archive widget it should just work.

XFN + XOXO + hCard Blogroll Generator

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What’s that? Your blog platform doesn’t support XFN? You want more XOXO-centric markup on your blogroll? You want your friends marked up as hCards in the blogroll? Now you can!

This generator tool is based on the original XFN Creator and generates code for a full XOXO blogroll with XFN relationships and hCard nodes.

Plagger and XOXO

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It seems that another feedreading project is recognising XOXO! According to this post Plagger has, if I understand correctly, added the ability to import subscriptions from an XOXO reading list and also to export that as OPML. Not recognising XOXO enough to provide an export mechanism for it yet, but a step forward nevertheless!

Convert XOXO Blog Format / hAtom to RSS2.0

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hAtom2RSS is a script that takes the URL to an XOXO Blog Format or hAtom blog and generates an RSS 2.0 feed for posts. The script supports all XOXO Blog Format extensions to hAtom. It also generates comments, wfw:commentFeed, and slash:comments tags when the appropriate data is available in the page.