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Blogrolls to Reading Lists (and vice-versa)

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You can convert your XOXO blogrolls to reading lists, in either XOXO or OPML format, for use in feedreaders. Reading lists can also be easily converted into XOXO blogrolls. The steps to do either are below:

Blogroll to Reading List

  1. Go to the Outline Converter
  2. Select the appropriate reading list format from the ‘Output Format’ dropdown box
  3. Enter the classes that are on your blogrolls, space-separated (ie ‘xoxo blogroll’)
  4. Check the ‘Simplify’ and ‘Ensure HTML and XML URLs’ checkboxes
  5. Enter the URL to your blog
  6. Click ‘Convert’

Reading List to Blogroll

  1. Go to the Outline Converter
  2. Select ‘XOXO’ from the ‘Output Format’ dropdown box
  3. If converting from an XOXO reading list, enter the classes on the list data into the ‘classes’ box, otherwise enter ‘xoxo blogroll’
  4. Check the ‘Simplify’ and ‘Ensure HTML and XML URLs’ checkboxes
  5. Enter the URL to the reading list or cut-and-paste in the reading list data

Note that the Outline Converter outputs the application/xml header for either OPML or XOXO data. XOXO data will thus not render directly in your browser as XHTML, but it is still valid data.

XOXO Data Tools

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So you’ve got some XOXO content or are using an XOXO Blog Format template… what can you do with it? This post lists tools that work with XOXO content. Please notify me if you know of any that aren’t listed here.


  • Outline Convert — auto-detects input format from URL or direct input and then converts to a specified output format (XOXO and OPML currently supported, RSS/ATOM supported on input only).


  • Blogger Recent Comments — pulls data from XOXO Blog Format templates (or hAtom templates with the comments extension) and creates comments feeds in RSS2.0, JavaScript, and JSON. It assumes nanoseconds in the timestamp.
  • hAtom2RSS — converts XOXO Blog Format or hAtom data to RSS 2.0. Supports all the XOXO Blog Format extensions when in hAtom mode.
  • feed2hAtom — converts an RSS or ATOM feed to XOXO Blog Format-compatible hAtom


  • XOXO Validator — checks a URL or inputted code snippet for XML well-formedness and the precense of valid XOXO sections.