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So you’ve got some XOXO content or are using an XOXO Blog Format template… what can you do with it? This post lists tools that work with XOXO content. Please notify me if you know of any that aren’t listed here.


  • Outline Convert — auto-detects input format from URL or direct input and then converts to a specified output format (XOXO and OPML currently supported, RSS/ATOM supported on input only).


  • Blogger Recent Comments — pulls data from XOXO Blog Format templates (or hAtom templates with the comments extension) and creates comments feeds in RSS2.0, JavaScript, and JSON. It assumes nanoseconds in the timestamp.
  • hAtom2RSS — converts XOXO Blog Format or hAtom data to RSS 2.0. Supports all the XOXO Blog Format extensions when in hAtom mode.
  • feed2hAtom — converts an RSS or ATOM feed to XOXO Blog Format-compatible hAtom


  • XOXO Validator — checks a URL or inputted code snippet for XML well-formedness and the precense of valid XOXO sections.

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hmmm… I was wondering when a microformat would finally come out for blogs 🙂

On reviewing the format, however, it is missing some features. If you hadn’t noticed, the XOXO Blog Format was primarily created based off of the Blogger Recent Comments service — hAtom has no encapsulation method for comments or even comment counts! The XOXO Blog Format was not created as a microformat per se, but because there was no known microformat and it was simple and quick to do. I will be checking hAtom out more thoroughly, however 🙂

David P. Janes

The comments can be encoded as a separate feed, independently parsable. Note that we don’t have a concept of embedding comments within an entry because Atom decided against that capability.

One primary design goal of hAtom, which drives a lot of the decsions, is that it should be possible to mark up a blog without changing the presentation. Thus, we can insert hAtom markup into existing templates. We even have a (beta) tool to do it:


hey… im using the Blogger Comments service, and it worked great till yesterday, since then.. for some reason… im not able to get my new comments listed on the side bar.

Im getting the RSS feed, then routing it through feed2js to put it on the sidebar…

Any help please!? My blog is at

im guessing maybe its a prob with the last comment posted.. by rama, its messin up the parsing somehow?


@mAn[S]o0r – There may have been a breif hiccup due to well-formedness issues in your blog… something I hope will no longer be required in the near future. For now, the newest comment on your blog is showing up fine in the sidebar, so it seems to be working again 🙂


hey.. thanks. Could be a problem like that.. however, there’s still one more… is there a delay between when a comment is posted and shows up in the sidebar? my last two comments havent showed up in the sidebar, even after 2 hours of their posting? thanks


Time delay could be a result of feed2js… I just use the JavaScript output from BloggerRecentComments myself, so I’m not sure if it may be a caching issue there…


okay, thanks! just one more thing though… (sorry im being such a big pain :p but i love this app too much to move to another system :p) some of the commenters name gets eaten up… they’re there in the source, but not displayed in the rss feed..
could u look into it?
thanks 🙂

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