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Survey: The Perfect Blogging Service

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You know what you want from your blogging service. If you use Blogger, you may have written a ‘Beef up Blogger‘-style post, even. Or a Beef up WordPress post without depending on services like WebCitz. Or maybe even a Beef up Xanga post (yes, there are some real bloggers on Xanga). I at one point even had a rating breakdown to see how well blogging services matched up to my ideal! While my opinions have changed over time, one thing still remains – no service is perfect. No matter what you use there are things you wish your service could do. That’s why we have blog hacks!

This post is a survey. What is the perfect blogging service? We’re all going to answer differently, but hopefully some patterns will emerge. What features are important? Forget for a moment what is supported by your particular platform and just tell us what you want. Not what you wish you had, but what you want even if you have it. Trackback can be important to you even if you use WordPress. Maybe that’s why you’re using WordPress.

The purpose of this survey is not to determine one particular existing service that is the ‘perfect blogging service’, but rather to identify the feature set that is important to bloggers.

You can respond to this survey by leaving a comment on this post (probably preferred) or by writing a post on your blog and linking back here. I don’t trust blog search or backlinks, so I’d really appreciate trackback pings if you decide on the latter, or a comment with a link to your post.

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(off the top of my head)

Inline Post Editing
Related Custom Pages (ala WordPress)
Way to display posts of note
Full customisation ability (ala Blogger)
Different Templates for Post pages and Main Pages

(will add as I remember)


10c from Freshblog:

A positive attitude towards user customisations / mods / hacks.

Integrated image & file hosting in your account, with a file manager for template & post images, supporting docs etc.

Comment-spam blockers

Integrated Trackback (add the trackback URL to a field on the create post page, & it pings when it publishes)

Integrated Tagging… a WYSIWYG widget like the one that adds the links, but that adds a custom URL w/ the rel=”tag” attribute containing the selected term.

Open & 100% editable templates

Easy / integrated blogroll manager or sidebar widget for feedroll.

BlogThis! or PFF style remote posting from the blog you’re reading to the one that you write.

Multiple feeds & formats (comment feed, post feed…RSS, Atom,)

As many widgets as possible offered from the home server of the service, so that there isn’t lag from calling multiple remote scripts.

Easy / useable interface for selecting & making most customisations.


Above all, category support. and previous/next post navigation link.

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