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I have change my blog over to a new template! This template is much more efficient with screen space, easier to read, and XOXO Blog Format compatible. For now this means that I do not have to have a separate code snippet to generate my comments feed, but some other services are in the works, including a script to generate better feeds (ie, ones that include the wfw:commentRss tag).

This post is also the first one I am trying from Performancing for Firefox. It seems really nice, and is definately more conveniant. The only things I wish it would do are (1) link to my account, instead of to technorati (2) support multiple accounts for adding posts from different blogs to different accounts (3) support stuffing the first 255 characters of a post into the account.

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Looks good! Your sidebar could use a bit of a left margin, it’s kinda squashed up against the side. Another thing, why do you have the haloscan trackbacks? Does blogger not do their own? Anyways, the white block is ugly 😛


Alright, thanks for the time, a left margin it shall have 🙂

Blogger provides the backlinks (which are just below the haloscan block), but not proper trackbacks. The white block may be ugly, but I prefer it to the popup window I was forced to use before 🙂

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