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Yes, you read that correctly… I just got a 29% on my chem midterm… not good… There’s questions on there we haven’t studied yet, and he says in the lesson that he’ll ‘pad’ our grade accordingly… but either way I just flunked…. Not good, since my grades are in an ever-deepening tailspin for all my courses… even my once-A+ social studies (weird for me, but hey :P) is down into the 80s and everything else is lower. Except math, but I’m betting I start bombing it next… *sigh* if you guys could pray for me, I’d really appreciate it… sometimes I want to pull out of this… and sometimes I just wish it were over… but if I flunk this year my whole future is… well… it isn’t 😛 Might as well shoot myself in the head if I’m just going to flunk out… no I don’t quite mean that… *sigh*… I can’t figure it out… school used to be a sleepthroughitandpasswithhighmarks thing… now I can’t concentrate on anything and motivating myself just to get my work done is hard enough….

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Joshua Cowpland

It’s exactly the same for me Steve. I know exactly what you’re going through. Don’t wory though, i’ll pray for you.

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