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*extremely happy* *bursting at the seams* *shaking and quaking with delight* That’s right! Chels is ungrounded!!! If you don’t know how extatic that makes me, you don’t know a thing about me 😉 I haven’t actually talked to her again yet… she’s not online this very moment (shame on her ;P, hehe) but I will 😀 I got some emails, that she was actually allowed to send! :D:D it feels so good… I’d scream, but I don’t want my family thinking I’m obsessed or anything *cough* 😉 YAY 😀

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Wow, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Hope you get to talk to her soon.


lol, hehe steve is obsessed with chels!!…ok im one to be talking….i know…I GOT OVER IT!!!!!! after a long time but still. lol srry. yes it has been a long time…im happy that she is back now it helps me in my current state of mind…if you dont know what im talking about visit my xanga…it is sorry for the harsh language in there. its usually when i need to write or kill that i go there and i write what comes to my head. anyways…going now…bye


LOL..i am bak..:P
that was cool…a whole post on me..hehee…:D:D


and that sounded im commenting again..hehe..thanks stev.. it was really good to tlk to you again;)


hehe, yes, a whole post on you 😉 you didn’t think I’d let something as important as your return go unannounced in every way I could, did you? 😉


id say its about time for a new post..;)

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