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No, my feed has not moved. It is still at feedburner in the same place. What is different is what it supports. I am now generating my feed direct from my template to RSS 2.0 using my new hAtom2RSS converter. This script supports both XOXO Blog Format and hAtom templates, including all extensions to hAtom described by the XOXO Blog Format. It outputs the comments, wfw:commentFeed, and slash:comments tags when the appropriate data is provided in the page. While this doesn’t do much that is visible in most current readers, what it does do is make the ‘comment count’ option for FeedFlare work. So I now have comment counts being displayed in my feed from a Blogger blog! I highly reccomend that anyone using the hAtom2RSS converter pair it with FeedBurner, if for no other reason than speed. The script polls your home page every time it is accessed, so having FeedBurner cache the feed will definately provide a performance boost.

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Ah, that makes sense 😛
Hey, commentosphere seems to be having some tag issues…I tag a comment, and then the tags don’t show up by that comment on my page of comments.

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