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Yes, I know, another post on a Ning app of mine. Wrinks is an app for the creation/management of webrings, blogrings, linkrolls, and blogrolls. Ring/roll creators have full power over what sites are members of their wrink and wrinks can be embedded in web pages using either JavaScript or PHP (depending on your hosting situation) as either webrings or blogrolls. The service aims at being a sort of ‘social blogrolling’ system. The first person to add a site to the system has control over that site’s metadata (title, description, feedurl, etc.).

Traffic data is stored for each Wrink and wrinks can be browsed by tag, sorted by traffic number. These lists of wrinks can be syndicated via either RSS 2.0 or JSON(P). Each wrink can also be retreived via JSON(P) for custom inclusion in webpages.

Wrink rolls can also be filtered by tag. Each site on a roll has tags, and if &tag= is passed to the wrink, only sites matching that tag (or tag intersection) are returned. This opens the way for the possibility of filtering blogrolls by tag.

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Looks pretty snazzy, I applied for the NSA blogring!
Let me know when ning allows multiple member teams 🙂


Ooh, that’s a lovely idea. Am very intrigued to see the wrinks that evolve…


Hmm .. might take a while to stream to that point, so just in summary, it was about 30 seconds, and they showed the Wrinks page, and mentioend you were in Ghana, and some nice things like that.

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