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Inline Comment Form for BETA News

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If there is one hack I get requests for more than any other it is this. My inline comments form on Blogger BETA. It was my first ever hack (before I had even fully moved to Blogger), and probably still my favourite as the most useful. I recently blogged somewhat optimistically about my progress, which only increased the demands. I regret to inform you that I have hit a wall. Perhaps not unsurmountable, but a huge one.

The security token scraping did not work.

I’m not entirely surprised. After all, Blogger added the security token code to prevent people from doing just what I am attempting. I cannot say that I fully understand how the whole technology works, or why my attempts to circumvent it have failed, I only know that they have. It may take help from Blogger themselves (bah!) to get this working.

For the community : to those who wish to put their heads with mine on this problem. The code for this hack on BETA, such as it is for as far as I’ve got, can be found at the following URLs:¤tDir=%2fblogger

As a side note : installing this hack as is actually does sort of work. But it errors every time and requires that the user push the button on the inline form, and then on the other form. (Similar to what is happening here since I was forced by mega-spammers to turn on word verification…)

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Me too, waiting for the hack…
Keep trying and best of luck. 🙂


That’s a real shame; good on you for not giving up though. I stop by everyday to see if you’ve managed it. Keep persevering, I’m sure you’ll get there in the end.


I guess you will have to make sure that it is really secure if you get this working. Otherwise, whoever uses this hack (and the people who comment in their blog) are at a risk of their google account credentials being stolen. This has far more impact than losing the old Blogger credentials (they can get access to your email, google docs etc).


I understand that the securitytoken does NOT require google account details, unlike the authsubs. It’s basically something that’s generated by the comment.g page. But still, major bummer 🙁

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