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New Widget System

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Bloggeratto and phydeaux3 (and likely others) have blogged about a new one-click widget adding system for Blogger. This system would allow us to create widgets and then just put a button in our blog post that, when clicked, places all the correct code into the user’s template. This is a huge step for ease-of-use, and could also be for prorogation (have users add a widget-adding widget to advertise instead of just linking back, etc.) I’ve taken my look and the system is brilliant. There is, however, one snag.

You cannot define your widget to be of any type, it is simply in the global namespace. This means that, for example, it cannot be done with my Feeds Widget. Why? Some genius in Blogger decided to put that data in the post namespace, and thus make it inaccessible to this new system.

We won’t let a little thing like that spoil our fun now though will we? Brace yourselves for a hack of the mod system! Coming very soon – one click feeds widget (with comments feed link too!)

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