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As promised, here is the revised version of my Feed Links Widget. Just click the button and follow the wizard!

Some Notes
Due to circumstances beyond my control, if Blogger changes the URL format for feeds this hack will break (and I will, of course, speed to fix it 😉 ).

If you want to make it easier for others to add this hack, clicking the button below will add the button above to your sidebar.

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Johan Sundström

Out of curiosity: was there some trouble with using CDATA sections with the beta layouting system? I seem to recall something vague on the topic, but can’t quite clutch it. 🙂


BETA layouts are actually processed as XML, which means that CDATA sections around JavaScript (according to convention) would kill the ability to have <data:/> tags inside, since they would be interpreted as escaped-out tags by the CDATA instead of as tags.

The way around this is, of course, to escape out the CDATA sections like so:


Does that answer the question? Or am I just rambling?


This is really helpful. Is there a way I can make this widget work with my Feedburner feed instead of the raw Blogger Beta feeds?


@Ariel – if you send me the URL(s0 to your feedburner feed(s) I can make a custom version of the widget for you 🙂


Hi! Is there a way to read a feed? I mean I would like to show some feeds. And I don´t want that those links appear using JS (like AdSense). Is that possible modifying this widget? Thanx!

Stephen Paul Weber

@xema — this is JavaScript to make it easy and automatic, to link manually just create links in your code / a links widget.

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