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JSON (and particularly JSONP) is one of the most useful data formats for hackers. For quite some time we have had to do all sorts of hackish things to transform the data available from Google services to JSON(P). No longer.

Blogger, Google Calendar, and Google Base now all support JSONP. This was announced on Blogger Buzz and is perhaps one of the greatest advances in hackability in (at least recent) Google history.

On top of this, SearchMash (a Google susiduary) now offers JSON feeds of Google’s Web, Images, Blog, and Video searches. For JSONP a proxy service is required, but this still allows for getting Google’s data out where we can hack with it.

One thing that this will mean very soon is an upgrade to peek-a-boo for BETA that makes use of this and will definately be faster.

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Johan Sundström

Have you figured out whether this can be used to get at Blogger profile data without using your great parser proxy? It seems like partial JSONP at the moment (it did not accept callbacks with [] in, for instance, and the content-type header is broken — the latter was an already filed bug, it turned out, when I reported it).


I don’t think there’s anything for profiles here, since that is not a part of GData feeds at this point. Would be nice though.

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