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Dear Confused Reader,

You are reading this because much of the Geekery to come out of the Singpolyma – Technical Blog confuses you. The code is far beyond your comprehension, and sometimes so are the instructions. You are the one who emails me your template to hack, instead of hacking it yourself. That’s OK, and I’m willing to help, but in case you wanted to try doing a little bit more yourself….

Hoctro, another brilliant hacker, has written a sort of 101 (or is that 411?) post on hacking your blog, or at least following the instructions to do so. Complete with screenshots illustrating his points, this article will help you understand not only my writings, but those of other Blogger Hackers, forever.



Read Hoctro’s Post (Blogger BETA Only)

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Jay Voll

wow, that’s the only thing i get on this site.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hey, as I write this down, it appears instantly on the page! This is some magical hackery, really!!! Wow, now that’s what I call black-belt hacking!


The Great Swifty

TestEr, hey, this is kinda unrelated, but I was wondering whether you can tell me how you implemented the iframe of your haloscan trackbacks onto your page? Tried it myself, but to no avail. I’m a novice 🙁

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