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Andrés Santos wrote a nice hack for Blogger that used Websnapr to display pop-up thumbnails of links in your blog posts. Just install one line of code and you’re good to go.

Problem : It didn’t work with my Blogger template.

And so I did what I often do — hacked his hack! If his code won’t work for you, insert this code just before the </head> tag in your template instead:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

This should work with most Blogger templates (write me if it won’t with yours and I’ll update it). Also, it will work with any hAtom-based template.

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I was trying to implement it in my blog but I couldn’t. Can you take a look at: bple.


There was a minor bug with this – I have fixed it now, thanks for your feedback, it should be working!

Snap is a fine service — and there’s no particular reason I didn’t go with them. This works 😉


thanks singpolma. it works (smile).
great hacks.



Mine’s too. Greatly appreciated gentleman!


What am I doing wrong?

My links are to images in fileden. Could this be the problem?

this is for a hyperfiction project i’m working on for class so I’d really appreciate the help and will be eternally grateful.


oh i see, the problem for me is jpeg’s are excluded. can you do a version that’s included? or can I?

Stephen Paul Weber

@cyngs – what do you mean jpeg’s are excluded? They should be being included from offsite (my googlepages account IIRC)…


Since about two days Snapr stopped indexing the new links in my Blog on Message: “Thumbnail has been queued” since two days, but no preview images are displayed on the new links. The old links work still fine. I implemented Snapr with the obove stated script. Did you made changes in the script? Greetings from Austria!

Stephen Paul Weber

This script has not been updated in ages. I don’t really like what it does anymore, and neither do many of my readers. It’s more annoying than good 😛 I’m not surprised it broke.

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