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For New Blogger : Blogger categorising, pinging, and trackback helper

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JoongSeob Vito Kim has created a version of this script that works with the new blogger post editor.

I have made some minor bug fixes to this script, as well as made it so that it saves the trackback URLs when you save a draft. I took time to fix it, but now my website is back to normal.

Some time ago I married Johan’s and pinging script with my own trackback script into one new script. That script does not work on the new version of Blogger, and the trackback feature has been glitchy for some time. Outgoing trackback is still something we need on the new version of Blogger, and the pinging services provided by this script might even be useful on other blogging services. posting? Now that we have labels? Well, Freshtags, my calendar widget, and just tag management in general, will work better if you use If you disagree, this part of the script is optional.

This script does not overwrite the old script. Running both simultaneously will look dumb on the Blogger Classic interface (there will be duplication), but will not break anything. If you only run on the new Blogger, please remove the old script (if you have it installed).

Install the new script entry

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Does anyone else find the trackback box obscures the buttons on the editor when it autosaves?

Graham White

Yes, I find the same problem. I tend to work around it by disabling Greasemonkey while I write a blog post, then turning it back on again when I want to submit. Would be nice to have it fixed though. Perhaps the simplest fix might be to move the trackback box to the bottom of the page perhaps but I’ve not looked into what causes this one. Oh, for the record I’m using Firefox 3.0.1 but it happened on FF2 as well.

Stephen Paul Weber

@Wildy Blogger keeps changing their CSS slightly, causiong this problem 😛 If you or someone else fixes it I’ll gladly apply the patch to the script 🙂


wew,thanks for this script, it did help a lot , since doesnt provide way to trackbacking. i notice that the trackback url will show my blog title not my post title ,is there anyway to change it so it will use the post title instead of blog title,thanks in advance


Hi Steve, thanks a lot for this. It works great but noticed a small bug: When typing a post, Blogger automatically saves the draft post every so often. When this happens, the trackback box moves to cover part of the formatting tools, so I’m forced to disable the script, then re-enable it for the box to go where it should, but when Blogger saves again, the box goes back and covers the toolbar. This make sense? I’m using FF 3.0.1 if it matters.

Graham White

Mr Anonymous, other people have reported this problem too (see above). I spent some time trying to solve the issue yesterday but I’ve so far been unable to determine what’s causing the shift in position of the google RTF box. The only cludgy fix I could come up with was to increase the top padding of the RTF box itself to ensure it’s always moved down the page slightly. If I find a decent fix I’ll post it (as should anybody else) and I’m sure Steve will update the script.


hello there,
i am a newbie here, i just wanna ask about to put a script for trackback to use in my blogger.
Im still confuse about that..
please tell me how more detail

Stephen Paul Weber

@rayagung not sure what you’re asking exactly. This post in about a Greasemonkey script that allows you to ping other blogs with trackbacks from inside the Blogger interface. If you want to *receive* trackbacks, check out haloscan.


Hi. I installed the script just fine, and the trackbacks go through and say Trackback Complete, but they don’t show up on the other person’s blog. I’ve got my blog at What do you suppose is wrong?

Eric Rasmusen

Hi. Thanks for writing this. It installs just fine, and send the trackbacks and says Trackback Complete, but then nothing shows up on the other person’s blog, even after I reload the page. What might be wrong? Could it be a problem that I have haloscan set up for incoming trackbacks?

Stephen Paul Weber

@Eric what you use for incoming won’t affect this script. Try sending a manual trackback to the same URL using haloscan. If that works, the script is broken, if it doesn’t, the problem is on their end.


Thanks a bunch. Relieved to be able to trackback now.


hi there! I use the new Blogger and I installed Greasmonkey but then I installed the old script by mistake – how do I remove it so that I can install the new script? (you say above that if we use the new Blogger, we should remove the old script…)

Stephanie Gerson

hello! thanks so much for this script, but I’m having a few problems with it, and I couldn’t find answers on your site:

1) on some sites, my trackbacks simply do not show up. why would that be?

2) when my trackback does show up on someone else’s blog, instead of linking to my blog post, it links to a feed for my blog. see here, so strange:

3) sometimes the trackback just gives an error, that it was “spam” instead of “complete.”

clearly I’m having lots of problems with this ;( feel free to respond here, via email, or via twitter (@stequoianie), though I’m sure you must be very busy!

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Stephen Paul Weber

@Stephanie if the site doesn’t support trackback, or if they have their theme setup to not display trackbacks, it might not show up. Not sure why it would link to your blog feed, blogger may have changed something that affects the way the GM script detects your blog URL. If you get marked as SPAM by the relying party, that’s not really the script’s fault.

Mr. George

I’ve tried to use it, and it says succesful, but nothing happens on the other website. I even tried a trackback to this, unsuccesful again…

Stephen Paul Weber

Your trackbacks worked here just fine, they were just held for moderation like most trackbacks and comments are 🙂

DoFollow Blog

At first this script didn’t work on my blog, but after trying to found the problems, I found that this script didn’t work on newest version of blogger editor. Hope u can solve it.

Thank you

DoFollow Blog

Ouch.. still didn’t work on my blog. there is no status description after I publish my post. And when I look to the blog that I’m trackback I didnt see my link there.

Stephen Paul Weber

It may be that they’ve made changes to the interface. If you or someone else writes a patch I’ll probably incorporate it.

RE the trackback, are you sure you put in the trackback URL, not the URL to the blog post? Those are basically never the same thing.


11/13/2009: tested with the NEW blogger editor, not work. OLD blogger editor works. I submitted a trackback here. No result yet.


I found that the 11/13/2009 this script “seems” to work with the blogger’s OLD editor for posts, not with the new editor. Sent trackback here, no result yet.


And, tested with another wordpress blog, Yes, the “new script” here works with the “old” blogger editor 11/13/2009. Thank you for publishing it!


Hi Stephen,

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing wrong here. I have installed Greasemonkey on Firefox as well as your latest script. But when I publish a post, I am not getting anything at all. Some people have reported getting a non-working trackback text area, but I am not even getting that. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to use trackbacks on bloggeer.



Ditto what Abhigyan said – no trackback box is showing up, even after installing Greasemonkey & the script.


I’m having the same issue – no trackback box is showing up at all. I’ve got the script installed and enabled in Greasemonkey… any solutions?


Hi Stephen,

I just found your trackback script for blogger. I installed GreaseMonkey and then installed your script but nothing is happening. I must seriously be missing some steps. I tried looking for detailed step by step instructions but can find none on your blog. Could you please assist me? My blog is at

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I will also try emailing you directly.


Stephen Paul Weber

@Stacey @GoogleTech @Anonymous Blogger has probably changed something so that the place the script was hooking in before is no longer there. I am on vacation right now, but will look at the code first chance I get (hopefully).

MoDeR pLaNeT :)

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