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Some of you may have noticed the gradual changes going on — most notably the 150 or so of you who read me by feed. I am moving my primary web presences from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress on

My Technical, Personal, and XOXO blogs are all here (see tabs above) with all their content. If the old ones aren’t properly redirecting yet, they will be soon — going to a post on the old sites should take you to that post on this site. Feeds have not changed much, they are still on FeedBurner, but there is now a main feed (and blog) that combines posts from all three!

The site is not 100% done, obviously (a hacker’s site never is 😉 ), so if you see something that needs to be added/changed, feel free to contact me!

For this launch I have upgraded my FreshTags plugin and written Videntity and OldBlog redirection plugins. All my WordPress plugins now have thier own page.

Some of my TechBlog readers may fear (and, in fact, this has been voiced to me) that now that I am WordPress-powered I will forget Blogger. Not true at all. My existing hacks will receive maintenance, and new ones will be coming. I am not deleting my account or anything ;).

So, to finish this post up, I would like to thank those who made this site possible. If I forgot anyone or anything, it shall be added.

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you want to leave me BLIND????

besides that, i am not surprised, you told me about this a time ago. things change, so let’s see what happens.

welcome back


cool! stephen.
I’ll still expect good articles …



Turned out doggone nice! 🙂
Good work! And hope to see you more regular here 😛


Ack! Sorry to see you off of Blogger. But then again, you should be able to do some cool things with wordpress. Keep up the great work.


Stephen, I was on blogger too, at Digitol, and am contemplating a move to WP.
I have ~100 posts in New Blogger, and dont want to loose them.

Since you have moved to WP, how good and easy is it? Is it easy to migrate posts from Blogger to WP? How is the setup, plugins and usage of WP? I am asking you because unlike most of the others, you have taken apart the New Blogger, and know it inside out.

So, please advice this blogger-wannabe.

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