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I got back Manday morning from SGFooCamp.  This is a sort of himp of my thoughts of the event and the results.

The first thing, for me, was the actual networking that went on.  I met lots of people that I’ve followed online for some time and many more. The informal discussions that “just happened” were, I think, informative to all.

The talks I attended were all excellent.  I was inspired with a number of ideas that will make it into my DiSo plugins.   A lot of insight goined into what users expect vs what I tend to  to think of as a Geek.

Two specific points of awesome:

1) Talk-turned-flame-war about DataPortability Workgroup.  Good to see the air cleared at least. Way too much hype there.

2) Witnessing one of the first usefully federated XMPP PubSub messages.  Seeing just how fast it can be.

If I got one thing from the (un)conference it would be the value of a demo.  Onward to DiSo hacking!

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