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Archive for March, 2008

On Actionstreams and Blogging Your Own Work

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So first, the plugin.  I have basically ported the MT Actionstream plugin to WordPress (you can see it in action on my main page).  This is pretty cool, and it means we can easily share settings with other efforts.

New in this release is the ability to import a list of services from another page (like MyBlogLog or  FriendFeed) using SGAPI.

Code lesson: sometimes the WordPress docs lie.  They say that you pass a function name (or array with object reference and function name) to wp-cron hooks to schedule regular actions.  Not true.  You pass the name of a WordPress action (added with add_action).

Blogging Lesson: Blog your own work.  This plugin has been covered by at least four blogs now (more than most of my stuff) and not yet by me.  I just posted the plugin on the DiSo mailing list and people liked it.  I’m not complaining, but I’ll definately post my own stuff up front in the future!


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Another post based on a previous tweet. This took me at least an hour to debug, so I thought it might be worthwhile sharing.

IE, apparently, gets unhappy when you append nodes to the end of a node it hasn’t finished rendering yet. In practice, this means it blows up when you say document.body.appendChild before the page has loaded. The easy solution? Append to a node that has already loaded! What node is almost guaranteed to be there when the body is rendering? The head node of course! Here is code: