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rel=prev/next for WordPress

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Christopher Vollick pointed out to me yesterday that my site was not supporting rel=next and rel=prev. For those who don’t know, these rel attributes have been with HTML since HTML3, and they allow you to easily use a bookmarklet or extension or whatever you want to go to the next/previous page in a set of pages (like blogs archives). This is a really great thing, and I was a bit suprised WordPress doesn’t support it by default.

This can partly be implemented with a plugin, but unfortunately to fully implement it I needed to create a 3 line patch to core. I have uploaded the tiny plugin and the patch to a gist so you can download them and install/apply to get these great features on your site!

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You might want to submit this as a bug/patch to WordPress.


can you give me new link-templates.php that you have been patched

because i do know how to patch wordpress core
so, i can use your plugin


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