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Take 2! Now enhanced with XRDSs! Eran has blogged about the changes and the initial vendor support.  This plays right into my dream of infinite interop.  I’m quite happy about how small the spec is now that it just rides on XRDSs.  There’s some weirdness (need two XRDs, can have one XRDSs reference another).  Eran has explained his reasoning to me and it makes sense, but I’m still not convinced that it’s necessary.

Anyway, I should roll out a new XRDSs and OAuth DiSo plugin soon with support for draft 2.  And new examples.  There is an alternate PHP class that Eran says will be including support. I will probably use that when it comes out, but I’ll bootstrap with JanRain Yadis and the standard OAuth PHP class for now.

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