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OAuth and XRDS-Simple in WordPress

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I’m publishing two plugins today.  The first is pretty simple in what it can do for users directly – the XRDS-Simple plugin allows users to delegate their OpenID to their WordPress blog – basically letting you log in on OpenID enabled sites using your blog address, but without needing to run your own provider.

On a far geekier level, the plugin allows other plugins to add XRDS-Simple services and other information (such as OAuth Discovery) using a progammatic API.  A brief example of this API is on the plugin’s page.

I am also releasing a more DiSo related plugin – WP-OAuth.  This plugin enables interacting with WordPress authentication using the open OAuth protocol.  This could be exciting if combined with AtomPub or another protocol / format supported by WordPress or another plugin.

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Joseph Scott

I’m very curious about the potential of using OAuth with XML-RPC in WordPress. Are there any current resources that discuss such a combination?

Stephen Paul Weber

I’ve not worked with XML-RPC much, but based on what I’ve seen thus far of WordPress code I can’t see why it wouldn’t work 🙂

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