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Actionstream 0.45

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I have updated wp-diso-actionstream to 0.45, changes include:

  • Fully tested WP2.5 support
  • Fixes for support
  • Better microformats output

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Hi Stephen, I’m just getting started playing with DiSo, and I’m very grateful for all the work you’ve done on plugins like this.

I noticed that your personal Actionstream contains BackType stories, but didn’t see that option yet in this release. (I just upgraded to 0.45 from 0.40 which I found on the Diso Google Code page iirc)

How could I add BackType stories to my stream?

Also (I’m new to WordPress still too, so maybe it’s a dumb question, but), how can I adjust the widget or my theme so the text doesn’t run over the top of the icons?

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