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Steps to tweeting from own site

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I am writing my own stuff, borrowing heavily from

  1. Store wp-diso-actionstream content as WordPress posts (DONE, commited to SVN)
  2. Tweak theme to display actionstream items nice for single.php (DONE)
  3. Hack local WordPress core to display posts of all types when you visit the permalink (DONE, see
  4. Make reversible URL shortener. (DONE,
  5. Update Picoformats (Microsyntax) plugin to support URL autolinking and generally be better (IN PROGRESS DONE, borrowing from’s auto_link)
  6. Implement Twitter API for blogs (IN PROGRESS DONE)
  7. Write XMPP bot to talk to any Twitter-compatible API (NOT STARTED found one)
  8. Write plugin to push new local tweets out to Twitter-compatible APIs (NOT STARTED)

Bonus points:

  • Write plugin to pull tweets from Twitter-compatible APIs locally for viewing (“following”)(DONE)
  • Following-type plugin based on wp-diso-actionstream (to follow arbitrary public streams)
  • PuSH outbound for blog feeds and wp-diso-actionstream feeds (DONE, using
  • PuSH inbound for wp-diso-actionstream
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