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DiSo Actionstream Plugin 1.0

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Version 1.0 of the DiSo Actionstream plugin for WordPress has finally been released! The upgrade for this version may be a little rough, because the entire data storage model has changed since the last release. Let me know if you have any trouble!

For Debian users, there is a wordpress-diso-actionstream package in my APT repository.

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Hans Mestrum

How do I install it? Just copy it in plugin directory or..?
Do I need to delete database entries?
And what about the page I have? Does the same code apply for this page?

A pitty there is no readme.txt or that the plugin is not in the plugin directory
I am a bi afraid of messing up my database and blog


I tried to install this version and deleted the old wp.actionstream but then it started tweeting (sent new tweets to Twitter) of everything in my stream, one tweet for every new song played that showed in the actionstream. I had to delete it, any idea how to go by this? It also still picks my husbands bambuser updates and show them on my streampage 🙁


I know the plugin does not have that function so something went totally haywire when it updated the stream. I have wp 3.2. It seemingly sent each action as a new entry to my twitter account and it does not have the ability to create new entries either but it still happened so conflicting with something made all this happen. No real entries were created but it looked that way on twitter.

Stephen Paul Weber

Oh! I know what’s happening! The latest version of the plugin store the actionstream items as posts with a custom post type (taking advantage of a lot of the new features for that in WordPress). If you have a plugin installed that tweets all your blog posts and that plugin is poorly written so that it ignores post type, then it might mistakenly think each item is a new post! What plugin are you using? I can probably fix it for you and notify the plugin author of the bug.


Hi again 🙂 I have two sets of Twitter plugins isntalled but only one that I use to publish the tweets, wp-tweet button and Twitter Tools. Twitter Tools is what publishes each entry to Twitter, I prefer using it as it also creates a weekly digest entry which I do not publish to twitter 🙂

If we get this to work out do you think that the issue with my husbands bambuser stuff being published to my actionstream will stop? He has his own accountsettings on his blog.


Thanks for the attachement. I hav einstalled it but I cannot get the elsewhere page to update (is it still the same code on a page, ) and the plugin should be in its own folder, plugins/diso-actionstream/? I can see the updated actions on the manage page but it will not publish.

Also if I choose to press update, it almost kills the adminpage and after quite a while I end up with an errorpage so something kills it on its way.

Stephen Paul Weber

@Carina — weird… it worked last time you upgraded it, but this time you upgraded it did not work? Did you upgrade using the same file / source?


Hi again. I do not that it worked as I had to remove it quickly when it started sending tweets but it di behave the same way when I clicked the update, besides sending everything to twitter, it seemed to die as well. I used the file downloaded from this page.

Stephen Paul Weber

@Carina sorry, I got busy and this got lost in my emails. I can probably debug what exactly is happening on your system if I can log in and muck with stuff, but I would completely understand if you don’t want to trust me with that. Otherwise, I’m afraid “it doesn’t work” is very hard for me to debug, since it works on my site…


When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same
comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

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