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XRDS Plugin Update

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This plugin now lives at WordPress Extend.

I have updated my XRDS plugin for WordPress to allow for deleting XRDS services, and also to have a nice configuration UI for delegating an OpenID.  I have updated the tarball for both the XRDS plugin and the Pempeth plugin to include the new version.

Pempeth – Send Messages

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Pempeth is the result of my work based on my previous private messaging TEP.  The protocol draft has matured and there are now implementations! (see the page).  Most notable is a WordPress plugin, active on this site.

The development of that plugin also sparked an XRDS plugin, which I have also released (despite its somewhat cryptic interface).

Those looking at the main page may also have noticed changes. Yes, that’s a mini-feed based on my online activity.  Yes, it’s a plugin.  The interface, however, only allows for adding sources (not editing or removing) and is somewhat cryptic, so I have not released it yet.

You can also now log into my blog with your Facebook account (see link in header)!  This uses the API, so I don’t got your Facebook password or anything like that.  Also an as-yet-unreleased plugin.

Fun days!  I’m going to be working at AideRSS as a co-op in the coming months, should be fun and more freeing than school!

User-Relevant Timezones

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Posts and comments on your blog display in your timezone (usually). This sucks for your readers. What makes sense to them is their timezone. Trevor Creech and I have written a WordPress plugin to fix this. Using a technique suggested by Johan Sundström and the formatDate JavaScript library by Svend Tofte, this plugin shows post and comment timestamps in the viewer’s local timezone.

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WordPress Plugins on the WordPress Database

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I am moving my primary WordPress plugins’ hosting to the WordPress Plugins Database. This means listings and extra exposure too! Links to their home there will appear on their home page here.

The Videntity plugin already has a home there.