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DiSo Profile 0.50 Release

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Hot on the heels of the Actionstream 0.50 release comes the 0.50 release of DiSo Profile! It can be downloaded from the usual place.

Note: The permissions logic has been spun out into the new permissions pluginMake sure your install and activate that plugin first if you have any private data, or it will be displayed to the public.


  • Changed author to DiSo Development Team to show contributions by Steve and Will
  • Integrated with new WordPress admin theme (about time we released that!)
  • Permissions logic spun out into permissions plugin
  • Sidebar widget
  • Fix for hCard import button (now link)
  • Nicer URL display
  • Nicer profile preview

Actionstream 0.50 Released

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I have just pushed wp-diso-actionstream version 0.50 out. You can download it from the usual place.


  • Changed byline to “DiSo Development Team” to reflect all the contributions by Will Norris (more specific contributors in LICENSE file)
  • actionstream_services filter as the way developers add custom service definitions
  • Better YouTube support
  • Support for many new services:, brightkite, getsatisfaction, backtype, github, and twitter favourites
  • Sidebar widgets (actionstream and services list)
  • Template tag for services list
  • Nicer RSS feed URLs
  • Some major refactoring
  • Integration with new permissions plugin
  • Intelligence in service display when wp-diso-profile is installed

Picoformats 0.20

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I have released an update to my Picoformats plugin. This update changes the logic so that posts are not modified in the database (thanks, @aditya!), but on the fly. It will also link to the local profile/archive of a user (thanks, @als!) that has no URL set in their profile. Also, if you use an @ reply from inside a comment and use the (one-word) name of a comment poster, it will recognize this (if they have whitespace in their name, just take it out when writing the @ reply). @ replies in comments also do not check Twitter usernames anymore, since this is expensive and breaks common use.

Download the plugin

Picoformats for WordPress

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This plugin is totally an experiment inspired in part by @techcrunch, and in part by how useful I have found some of this stuff to be on @Twitter, and also just to see the different ways one can use WordPress. (Update: this plugin seem to only work on WP2.5, so I’ve upgraded.)

If you haven’t guessed already, you soon will. Yes, I’ve implemented @ replies for WordPress. It looks in the local users (usernames and nicknames, like @singpolyma) first, then in the names and descriptions on blogroll links, the it checks if you are trying to use a URL (like and, finally, if none of those yield a result it checks if the string is a valid Twitter username. It produces semantic markup for an @ reply and “person tag”:

<span class="reply vcard tag">@<a class="url fn" href="URL">NICKNAME</a></span>

Then, the plugin sends trackback pings to the URLs, to let the people know you’re talking about them. The plugin also implements trackback receiving on the WordPress main page so that users can receive these pings.

Not to stop so short, the plugin also implements #. What that does should be fairly obvious.

These features work in posts *and* comments.

Download the plugin

# # #

Actionstream 0.45

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I have updated wp-diso-actionstream to 0.45, changes include:

  • Fully tested WP2.5 support
  • Fixes for support
  • Better microformats output